Mainly health clubs deal workout area. But other sections are also present there just to beautify their place and to attract members. A health club is a place where physical activities take place to keep one’s body and mind in peace. Exercises, fitness goals and other physical activities can be done under one roof. Click here find more information.

It is called by many names such as GYM, fitness club or center, and health care club, etc.


These areas are used for all manual exercise with dumb bells or barbell, to do weightlifting or bodybuilding. All kinds of weights are provided there if you are at an initial level of your bodybuilding task you must start with very small weight and then daily add more weight in that. In this area, a gym has big mirrors so that one must keep an eye on body movements.


A cardio theatre comprises such kind of machinery that deals with cardio exercises, that speeds up the heartbeat and makes blood flow very fast. Few machines are enlisted here: rowing machines, exercise bikes to ride the bike by standing at a single point, treadmills for running, walk, slope, zigzag movements. The cardio area mostly contains LCDs or buffer systems at their places to keep their long and short cardio exercise sessions entertained very well. Few places have different ideas to entertain their persons like newspapers or magazines distributions.


Nowadays a new trend is circulated everywhere to exercise and keep fitness areas in groups and are conducted by the special certified instructor. There is a huge benefit in the group activity. Everyone person gets motivation from each other. Few group exercises are mentioned here: aerobics, boxing, martial arts, cycling, yoga steps, muscle stretching, muscle relaxing activities, self-defense classes, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, swimming pools ( aqua aerobics ), horse riding area.


Every health club must have sports area but only a few posses. In a health club, few games are mandatory which are typically related to health. Such as boxing, squash, swimming pools, boxing rings, running tracks, jumping area, ice rinks.


Every health club composes main workout area. Which consists of free weights; dumb bells, weights, barbells, benches, stands which plays a role in performing exercises in replacement of heavy machinery. Workout area may also have machines for the guidance of users.


Most of the clubs provide personal trainers to their members. Trainers must be certified in physical activities or physiotherapist. Members require these trainers to keep themselves update regarding their posture and new exercises. Trainers responsibility is to provide proper diet plan to his member and plan must be healthy and full of nutrition that helps them to achieve their goals.


New health clubs nowadays include health- shops in their center. These shops have exercise machines, exercise equipment, gaming tools, snack bars, cafes, restaurants, childcare area, waiting areas, TV lounges. Few of them also fascinate their members by sauna, steam room, swimming pools, etc.